Italian fusion!

A new trend to fuse Italian and English cooking is attempted in some London Eateries, such places as Pizza East, Homeslice and Voodoo Rays where – inspired by  the irreverent Italian American interpretation of Pie – Typical English ingredients such as bone marrow, pork Belly and Savoy Cabbage are used as toppings. such places attract a younger cooler  foodist crowd, many of whom would not dream of eating in the high street Italian chains. Everyone understands Pasta, Risotto and gnocchi  but some kitchens are using them to produce something new, localised and highly flexible. Could “Britalian” with its similar (to modern British) emphasis on seasonality, cooking rigour, and relaxed, populist dining achieve a similar momentum? it poses an exiting yet problematic creative challenge to Chefs but seems a perfect fit for foodists who want something new and credible, but not necessarily challenging.

The Orestone Manor Restaurant will not be topping Pizza of course. However, there are other interesting ingredients which can be applied to our menus so keep an eye on the menus at Orestone Manor Restaurant published on the main web site, or come in and you may find something Britalian on our specials menu, if not you won’t regret the trip out anyway we have a great selection of beautifully cooked dishes which may tempt you to stay.Ravioli starter - one of our signature dishes

Upcoming Wine Tasting

We are giving our guests a chance of enjoying both little known wines and world renowned  ones. As we are hosting a wine tasting evening on the 31st of this month to Celebrate the sheer diversity that that south of France has to offer as well as delectable four course meal for just £42.00 per person.Wine regions

Flavour of the month

Seasonal vegetables are governed by the weather as much as the name of the month. This Winter has been prolonged with snow in many places into April. This kept many root vegetables normally associated with winter months on many Menus into April.

Now though, well into may and warming up the long awaited champion Vegetable, Asparagus, not just any Asparagus but English Asparagus is on The Orestone manor menu and probably every menu of note. There is no Asparagus anywhere in the world quite like English Asparagus. When using Asparagus until the end of June at its best simple is the best way to serve it allowing the Asparagus flavour to shine through.

Orestone Manor serve English Asparagus steamed, with the tips under a free range poached hens egg, topped with a Beurre blanc and chive sauce. Delicious.

Cooking up a storm

Regardless of the rather inclement weather recently, Head Chef – Daniel Morris, and his kitchen team has been wowing our diners recently with their fresh take on traditional English dishes with a twist of modern European. Offering the finest meats and the most delicately cooked fish dishes with many of the ingredients sourced from the wealth of fine produce found in our locality, and of course, from our very own kitchen gardens.

Chicken dish

Cooking up a storm this springtime!